….and if I knew….

What if you knew the date of your death. You were told that in 30 days, you would be gone. Nothing but a memory in the lives and memories of your friends, and those who loved you. What would you do? Would you live the last 20 days differently?

A friend of mine, that I have known since I was about 11, is dying. Granted, he is almost 84, and has had an extraordinarily great life, a wonderful wife, son and grandson, it does not make the impending loss of him any more acceptable, or less acute. It’s painful to know that in less than 30 days, he will be gone. It has caused me to think of my life and my giant list of shit I want to do before I leave this earthy plane. I have to admit that I have done a lot of things in my life, but I still have small list of stuff that I have on my “Bucket List”. You know, that list of random crap you wanna do before you get too to do it, or you die. Everyone has a Bucket List. You can’t truly live, unless you have goals in life. If you have no goals, you are rudderless…like a boat on the ocean with no way to steer yourself. What if you were to die tomorrow? What would you wish you could do before you die? What would you want to do? Where would you go? Any countries you have dreamed of visiting? Goals? Experiences? Moments? I don’t know. Some people dig sky-diving. I hate to fly, so flinging myself out of a perfectly good plane is a stupid, nonsensical idea. So what would your Bucket List contain? Travel to India? South Africa? Learn a new language? Salsa? Rumba? Tango?

           Lost time is never found again…

Benjamin Franklin

Life is short. Yeah, and sometimes/most times it is fair, and there are certainly times when it sucks. In between running to work, and running home to make dinner, pick up the kids, go to soccer practice/dance/etc please remember that this isn’t a dress rehearsal. Do something every day, every week, every year. Even if it scares you. ESPECIALLY IF IT SCARES YOU. 

Here is a slightly non-daring list. I invite you to Live out Loud.

( I have completed the ones in BOLD)

1. Renew your wedding vows

2. Solve a New York Times Crossword Puzzle

3. Learn to juggle.

4. Jump off of a waterfall

5. Go to Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day

6. Visit Abbey Road in London and re-create The Beatles’ cover with your friends…or stuffed animal

7. Take pictures with your friends in a photo booth

8. Scuba-Dive or Snorkel

9. Learn a new language

10. Visit a Communist Country

11. Try Haggis

12. Win a giant stuffed animal at a carnival.

13. Personally thank a firefighter/police officer/military veteran for their service

14. Pet a chicken

15. While at Disneyworld/Disneyland, hug the everloving SHIT out of Mickey Mouse/ Donald Duck/Goofy. You can try a “hat trick” if you want ( hug all three)

16. Drink a 100$ bottle of wine

17. Ride on the back of a motorcycle

18. Ride a Vespa/Moped

19. Get ice cream from a neighborhood ice cream truck.

20. Write your name in wet cement

21. Make a tie dye shirt and wear that bitch proudly

22. Be the house on the block with the most Christmas lights. Life is short. BE OBNOXIOUS

23. Have a pair of titty-pink plastic Flamingos in your front yard. Dress them up for the holidays

24. Own the Crayola 120 count box, and color a picture using every color in the box

25. Learn a card trick. Entertain all your friends. 3-Card Monty notwithstanding

26. Grow a garden…and then EAT IT

27. Have sex/fall asleep in a hammock. In THAT order.

28. Buy a lottery ticket. Good Luck!

29. Eat Sushi with Wasabi. Belch fire.

30. Grow some gorgeous sunflowers

31. Take Yoga

32. Crash a wedding

33. Attend a 3-day Indian ( South Asian) wedding

34. Get Henna-ed…(( See #33))

35. Ride a cable car in San Francisco

36. Jump into a pool fully clothed.

37. Ride a tuk-tuk in New Delhi

38. Eat Gumbo in New Orleans

39. Ride a river boat on the Mississippi

40. Have a Swedish Massage

41. Dance in the rain

42. Learn to say “I Love You” in at least 10 languages

43. Go on a hot-air balloon ride

44. Learn to knit/crochet

45. Go Commando

46. Fart out loud….and laugh

47. Drive/Own a convertible ( Julie!! )

48. Sing out loud

49. Touch your toes on all 7 continents

50. Swim naked in the ocean

51. Belch out loud….and laugh

52. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

53. Tell someone you love them. Every day. Mean it.

54. Write a letter/Send a card to a friend.

55. Dance in the house naked

56. Learn to juggle

57. Learn to make a balloon animal

58. Crowd surf

59. Photobomb someone’s picture

60. Eat Fried Pickles

61. Learn to make a origami swan

62. Learn to use chopsticks like an adult. Without the rubber band

63. Walk on the beach with the one you love

64. Dye your hair green/blue/pink

65. Write and Publish a poem

66. Kiss a frog

Life is worth living every single day. I hate that Don is dying. But I like the fact that he will be at home, surrounded by loved ones, and passing on his terms. I asked him the other day how he feels about it ( dying) and he shrugged and said “it’s part of life. Sometimes it’s a surprise and sometimes you can plan”. He’s made his peace with everything in his life, his family, and his friends and I have to respect a man who can face it with the huge amount of bravery that he is. I couldn’t do it. I am just not that brave.

He is a good man with a great attitude. I hope I have that when my time comes.

My hat’s off to you Don. Mazel tov, my friend. I love you.

5 thoughts on “….and if I knew….

  1. Sherrill, I am torn between saying I would just want to spend the last 30 days spending time with my family making good memories with them for them to keep. But then there is the call to travel to places never visited. Maybe I would split the days up. Sounds like you are well on your way to a completed bucket list! lol Keep working on it and have fun! Sorry for you to lose your friend.

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