It shant be named!

Reading my friend Julie’s lasted blogpost ( I had to chuckle. She and I both share a complete and total aversion to Valentine’s Day.  Her aversion is due to the fact that for some reason, that particular day, for her, is a fucking accident magnet of near-epic proportions. She is either sick as a dog, in hospital, broke something, fractured something, something is bleeding ( and it is not supposed to) or something went left, that would-a, should-a, could-a went right. The list of epic fails for her, for Valentine’s day, is a funny, funny read. Do yourself a favor.

valentin's day

I hate Valentine’s Day because I am cheap. I know my husband loves me. I don’t need some tacky flowers and some thoroughly disgusting chocolate flavored matter from him to tell me he loves me. I can tell he loves me because he works hard to provide for us, is concerned with my happiness and my safety and he tells me every single day that he does. I don’t understand how an over-priced meal for two at Frou-Frou Bistro can possibly demonstrate something I already know. He is wonderful and every day is kind of like Valentine’s Day anyway. Yeah, you can throw up if you feel the need.

He loves me. I love him. It’s not a single-day event. It is 365 days a year. If you love someone, please take 5 seconds out of your day and tell them you love them. You are never guaranteed a tomorrow. Don’t wait. Please never wait.


Because nothing says I love you like over-priced, mostly dead vegetation and fat-saturated sugar products.

2 thoughts on “It shant be named!

  1. So true. If we wait for Hallmark to inform us on when to say “I love you” to our loved ones, then we’re in big trouble. 3 easy words to say each day is so much more meaningful.

  2. So much this, Skwarl! We have this “thing” going 365 days a year. We are just gearing up to challenge Cupid’s tainted arrow this year to prove that the Curse can surely be broken….

    That is not to say that there won’t be protective candles lit, n’ stuff, though…

    Just sayin’…..



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