The Most Fun You Can Have ( with your hands occupado)

Since my friend weight2lose did this particular list, I thought I would steal share his idea since his was so fascinating to read. You can find his pearls of wisdom and mad nutritional cooking skillz at:


1. Your very first car?  The first car I ever purchased was a Plymouth Sundance. It was red. I loved that car more than life itself. It was BEAUTIFUL.

2. Your first friend?  That I remember? I don’t remember…

3. Item you have that you have had longer than anything else? I have a “Best Spelling” medal my grandfather won in 1915. I have had it at least 20 years.

4. What you order the most at Starbucks? Caffe Mocha Vodka Marijuana Latte…Just kidding…Venti Latte

5. Body parts that are double jointed?  Nope 

6. Name a shortcut that you take in your daily routine? Don’t have a daily routine. I wake when I wake but I do have coffee just about first thing. Hard to shake off the morning coma.

7. Lets say you become the opposite sex for one day. What would you do? Grip myself and pretend I drive a stick

8. Craziest place you had sex? Living room floor.

9. What was/ is your favorite subject in high school? Art

10. Your very first pet?  Cat.

11. The first toy you have memory of? Yellow Tonka Truck

12. What do you spend most of your day doing? Cleaning the house, cooking, laundry. I love my job:-)

13. What channel on TV do you watch the most?  HGTV most of the time and then A & E

14. What friend do you miss the most? ASP

15. What is your favorite holiday? Halloween

16. What would be your ideal day? Any day I spend with my husband is my “ideal day”

17. Tennis shoes or sandals? Flip flips

18. Favorite alcoholic beverage and why? Merlot

19. Slow dance or fast dance? Neither. I can’t dance

20. what was/ is your best age so far? Every year has it’s triumphs and it’s challenges.

21. Who is a celebrity you hate?  I have a interesting hate of any of the Kardashian whores. They make my skin crawl. Especially the mom. She’s a right nasty piece of work, pimping her kids like she does.

22. Name your favorite crime show?  Sherlock. Hands down. BEST SHOW ON TV.

23. Who do you wish would show up at your door today?  ASP

24. What do you put in your taco? Meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese.

25. What is your best trait?  Red Hair, baby! Red Hair.

26. What is your opinion of Peewee Herman?  Chock full of meh. Not funny at all.

27. 50 Shades of Grey anyone?  Mommy Pr0n. And BAD mommy Pr0n at that

28. What is your guilty pleasure?  Art Supplies.

29. How many times have you been in love. Explain? Just the once…..and it is an ongoing affair 

30. If you could choose between 20 new pairs of sweatpants or 2 new pairs of dress pants which would you choose? sweats. DUH!

31. How much do you know about your neighbors? My neighbors in 1916 are tres cool. Best neighbors ever.

32. How much do your neighbors know about you?  Probably not much

33. How do you organize your underwear drawer?  Folded neat.

34. Earliest childhood memory? Getting hit by a car when I was 5. I was a dumbass.

35. Where is the best place you have lived so far?  Raleigh

36. What kind of car do you drive and where do you drive it? VW Jetta. Point A to Point B and all points in between. Mountains. Beach. In there like swimwear, baby.

37. If you won the lottery who would you share it with and why? Husband, family and select friends

38. What is your karaoke song?   I don’t do karaoke. Can’t sing. Can’t dance. I am pretty useless for entertainment.

39. How old do you feel?  105

40. Massage, shopping trip or fishing trip? I would LOVE to go fishing. I love fishing!

41. What is your go to comedy show?  Big Bang Theory

42. What do you hum/ sing around the house?  Glory & Gore by LORDE

43. Spend 2 hours at Walmart or 30 minutes online shopping? Online

46. Spring or Autumn?   Autumn. 

47. Tell about a bad dream.  I am alone. Utterly.

48. Book you read as a child?  Charlotte’s Web

49. Most embarrassing moment?  Got lost in Würzburg, Germany. I was drunk off my ass and I tried to pick up a guy. I was totally rebuffed. I was lost as hell. Good thing my cabbie spoke Drunk American College Student. He got me home in one piece. I skipped class the next day and was at one with the Die Toilette the rest of the day.

50. Favorite Song: “Love will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division


4 thoughts on “The Most Fun You Can Have ( with your hands occupado)

  1. So, you wish to drive standard transmission for a day, eh? Lol! I loved reading your answers. Not many people I know even know who Joy Division are. Most people remember New Order. If you think you were a dumbass at 5, my best friend got hit twice in front of his house. Once at 8 and once at 10. Now that’s a dumbass!

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