Hump Dayyyyy …..yeah

Woke up early and I have been on the go ever since. There are some days that I wake up and I am on the move, and some days that I don’t wake up, and I do not feel like getting up. The nature of the beast is depression and it seems to strike on it’s very own schedule. I wish like hell I could schedule my vacations and life around it. I think this blog will be totally made up of random elements.

The human head weighs 7 lbs.

Today I get to take G-Money to the Dog Spa. I can tell she is looking forward to it. She is the ghost of coma’s past and present.


I have to FIRST go to the doggie doctor and get some doggie downers so sweet pea does not projectile vomit all over my car. This should be a laugh riot. I can’t wait.


I had my quarterly doctor appointment yesterday and the news was not good. Cholesterol up, Triglycerides up and I may have a troubling cardiac issue. The doctor did and EKG and noticed that I have blips on the readout that gave her some pause as she suspects that I may have an issues with one of my arteries. So, she has scheduled a treadmill stress test and YIPPEE, I can’t fucking WAIT. (I wish there was an identifiable sarcasm font, because, baby, that shit would RAWK). I think I have been though enough medical things to have THIS freaking problem crop up. I am trying, maybe not hard enough, to get myself into some shape other than that of a small red fire hydrant. I am disappointed with myself and to tell the honest truth. I am more than a little scared to death.


It’s hot as hell outside.


I have in my mind the desire to paint. I bought a big ( 30 x 30) canvas that I plan to vomit some artwork on ( LOL) maybe this week. I want to paint something. I can feel it coming. I just have to have the ability of putting brush to canvas. I fear that people would see my art, and critique it poorly, and say I suck, and that I have zero talent and that I should hang it up. I bought 3 smaller 6 x 6 canvas sets to practice on, and then I shall tackle “the monster”. Part of me is excited, part is scared, and the other part says “do not fuck this up, this big mother was 30 bucks and if you fuck it up, there goes 30 bucks down the crapper”.

Apparently my brain has a lot of sides and all of those bastards are yelling at me. All at once, and one of them NEED to shut the HELL up.


I am addicted to the show “VIKINGS”. Two words why? TRAVIS FIMMEL.

3 thoughts on “Hump Dayyyyy …..yeah

  1. When my dog was a pup, I left him in my truck unattended for 15 minutes. He pooped everywhere. I can’t tell you how awful that ride home was. 🙂 My cholesterol was through the roof, and I’ve been on statins for 2 years. They’ve been working, though, and I hope to either decrease my prescription, or get off of them for a while. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks about your art. I think that you ought to show them off on your blog!

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