Well, I nevah….

Won an award and I am nominated for two. I really do NOT know what to say. I have never won anything in my life, much less be nominated for anything worthwhile. My friend Jules, over at  http://musingsfromaworkaholic.com/ nominated me. I love my friend Julie. She gives me a ton ( pardon the pun) of inspiration to try and lose weight and be healthy in my life, and while at this time I scoff at it, maybe after my first heart attack I will pay attention.



Now, to accept these nominations I am supposed to answer a few questions about me and my blogging experience.

  1. Why did you start your blog?- I am a copycat. My friend Jules had one and it looked fun.
  2. What is your favorite movie – ever?- “Henry V” with Kenneth Branagh—Hands down. I love KB…He’s the SHIT
  3. Do you get tired of blogging?- No, I find it endlessly fascinating…plus, I can cuss. My fucking ass off.
  4. Where do you want your blog to take you to?- past all my problems and to a happy place
  5. What type of blogs do you find interesting?- funny blogs. Wil Wheaton has a funny blog. He’s geeky.
  6. What is your favorite song TODAY?- Probably “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron and I seem endlessly fascinated with “Glory and Gore” by Lorde. I must have heard it a thousand times. It is truly fantastic to listen to it while cleaning the house. I am sure Lorde wrote it just for me to make my vacuuming easier.
  7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Probably some place in Europe. Calmer way of life and the people are friendly. The food is better
  8. What is your favorite creative outlet?- I paint. I love to paint and I just started back after a self-induced 30 year absence. I also like to create things out of junk.
  9. Least favorite part of your day?- When I can’t sleep at night. I have insomnia and it kills me. EVERY.DAMN. NIGHT. It is so exhausting.
  10. What is your favorite article of clothing? Pretty sure it does not classify as clothing, but when my granny died, I found a medal in and amongst her things. It is an award for spelling that my grandfather won in 1915. Next year it turns 100. I need to write a blog about that thing because it has an amazing history. Better history than I do.

So those are my questions and those are my answer and now I am supposed to nominate someone for an award. The only one I could nominate is Jules, who inspires me.


Thanks, Hooka!




10 thoughts on “Well, I nevah….

  1. Annnnnd:

    You’re kinda family, Pooks, and I was given a Word Press Family award, and given our interactions over the past weeks, if I were going to have a blog-family (dysfunctional or otherwise) I selected ten of my blog family. The details are here:


    I totally get it if you’re busy, don’t do awards, yada yada yada, but wanted to just let you know that your blog and/or input on mine makes me stop and think.

    We have also been know to put the FUN in funeral, as well. Just sayin, Babe….

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